Why Choose Us

Why Eyes & Ears

Eyes & Ears provides the highest quality, compassionate eye care to ensure your family enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life.

Why Choose Eyes & Ears

When you visit us at Eyes & Ears, be prepared for a high-end experience that doesn’t break the bank. Our team has spent years fixing the problems that plague traditional insurance-based practices. Whether it’s our own line of frames or our hearing aid leasing program, Eyes & Ears has budget friendly pricing options for everyone.

Eyes & Ears offers a unique patient experience, free of insurance. Our focus is always on your specific needs. We offer comprehensive eye exams, eyewear and contact lenses, along with hearing aid evaluations and hearing aids.

What we’ve done differently:

  • Created transparent pricing

  • Completely cut out the insurance middleman, for a simplified approach

  • Reduced our costs and passed the savings to every patient

  • Created a one stop shop, saving you time as we offer Vision, Hearing and Cognition Exams all together

What this means for you:

  • Hassle-free, seamless experience

  • No unexpected out-of-pocket costs

  • No more co-pays or deductibles

  • Save money even if you have insurance

Above all, we are dedicated to always providing you with premium care, education and experience that you and your family deserve.

Our Story

Eyes & Ears is the result of decades of experience, a shared passion for helping others experience the world, and tirelessly searching for a better way. This resounding passion from our founders to our team has created a culture of care, and we are on a mission to help everyone better connect with their world.

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