How Exercise Benefits the Eye

I know it is common knowledge that exercise plays a very important role in a healthy living. From cradle
you must have been made aware that exercises help in the improvement of energy level, lowering blood
pressure, losing weight, building muscles, etc. but little did we know that exercises can have a profound
impact on your eyesight. Sounds quite strange, right?

According to recent research, eye conditions are usually as a result of one health issue or the other like
high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol level, etc. These diseases can be avoided by exercising
regularly. By so doing, the eyes are kept healthy. More so, there are some eye exercises that can be
done to keep a healthy vision. Examples of such eye exercises are focusing, heating, rolling the balls,
writing with the eyes, etc.

Cataracts and Exercise

According to a study in 2003 and another in 2006, a relationship was discovered between exercise and a
decrease in cataract. It emphasized that there is a greater chance for cataract if there is the absence of
physical activity. This implies that taking a light walk or jog around your house or on a field track
consistently can contribute to the fight against cataract.

Macular Degeneration and Exercise

According to a study, exercising three times or more on a weekly basis reduces ones’ chances of
developing exudative macular degeneration. Exudative macular degeneration occurs when blood vessels
that are not needed to grow beneath the retina, leaking fluid and blood into the eyes.

Glaucoma and Exercise

One major cause in the development of glaucoma is an increase in ocular perfusion pressure. Very light
exercises like jogging, walking around about three times weekly helps reduce the intraocular pressure,
improving the flow of blood to the optic nerve and retina. The study discovered that light exercises help
reduce pressure in the eyes.

The benefit of eye exercises

  • Protects against dry eyes
    Eye exercises help maintain and improve the fluid level in the eyes, thus eliminating the possibility of dry
    eyes. This is possible because as the eyes are being exercised say by rotation, there is the
    tendency that fluid is produced. At times, it would seem like you are crying

  • Reduces eye strain and tension
    Exercising the eyes daily helps in reducing the strain and tension that has been placed on the muscle.
    Exercises like rolling the balls, writing with the eyes help in the contracting and relaxing of the
    eye muscles. Long hours of study or use of a computer can cause blurry vision. Through exercise,
    clarity can be achieved, eliminating tension and unnecessary pressure.

  • Makes the eye muscles flexible
    Exercises like shifting and swinging the muscles of the eyes help promote flexibility in the muscles of the
    eyes. Just like exercises helps the body muscles, the same thing applies to eye exercises. This
    way, vision is enhanced, and clarity is achieved,3,,,