Hearing Services

Hearing Services

Eyes and Ears provide the highest quality hearing evaluations and technologies. We care so much about your hearing that we created a whole separate website just for you.

Hearing Services

Hearing Exams

The purpose of a hearing exam isn’t just to determine if you are experiencing some degree of hearing loss. It is also to discover what type of hearing loss you have and how badly your hearing is affected. This will enable us to make a recommendation as to which treatment is likely to be most successful at restoring your hearing to a level where you can enjoy life to the fullest one more.

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Hearing aids

Hearing Aids

Not all hearing loss is permanent. However, if you believe that you are having difficulty hearing or your hearing is unlikely to return, you should consider solutions that may make it possible for you to hear more clearly. One of the most effective treatments is using hearing aids.

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Hearing Aid Services: Testing, Fittings, Repair, And Protection

Our hearing team is proud to offer a comprehensive range of hearing aid services that will benefit the effectiveness and longevity of your hearing aid.

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Hearing Loss

How can you tell if you have hearing loss? What causes hearing loss and what treatment is available? Work with our experienced and dedicated hearing team to discuss hearing tests, diagnosis and treatment options.

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Check out how we compare to traditional hearing care practices and retail chains:

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