Affordable Eye Care

Eyes & Ears Culture

Creating the right culture is very important to us. A team with great culture believes in what they are trying to achieve and supports each other to achieve their mission and help the people they serve. It’s of great importance that the team BELIEVES in the organization. Everyone must be empowered to be a part of a mission bigger than themselves. Our culture is one of passion to enhance the lives of our patients. Because of our passion, we measure our success not in units sold or dollars earned, but in the quality of our patients’ lives.

Our culture is also one of collaboration—everyone at Eyes & Ears is part of a team. This is why we adopted The Great Game of Business and open-book management. Every team member now has complete transparency into the financials of Eyes & Ears and we work together to achieve our mission of creating better care for your senses and providing affordable eye exams, eyewear, hearing tests and hearing aids.,3,,,