The Importance of Children’s Vision Care

The Importance of Children’s Vision Care

Children often don’t realize that they have a vision problem. This means that without routine testing, there is a very real risk that any problems could go undiagnosed for months or even years. Since many eye diseases and refractive problems like nearsightedness are progressive and get worse without treatment, any delays could be very costly, not only to your child’s quality of life but also to their long-term visual health.  

Children’s Visual Development

A child’s visual system develops over the first few years of their life, making this exam extremely important for their future vision and eye health. Their vision gets stronger every year and your eye doctor at Eyes & Ears in Southlake will want to make sure that they reach certain visual developmental milestones. 


Some of the ways in which the eyes will develop will include:



  • Seeing things in 3D, which is known as depth perception, and is important for many day-to-day tasks, such as going up and down the stairs. 
  • Changing focuses between different distances. 
  • Visual memory skills, such as remembering the order of things you have seen.
  • Visual-motor skills, which refer to using the eyes and motor movements together to complete tasks.
  • Visual perception, which is being able to interpret and make sense of what you are seeing. 
  • Visual alignment. This refers to moving both eyes together simultaneously. 
  • Color perception, and the ability to tell different colors apart. 



When Should my Child Have an Eye Test?

Children can have an eye test at any age, but most eye doctors recommend that they visit an optometrist before they start school. Visual learning takes place from birth, and when your child is in kindergarten, they will start to learn shapes, colors and numbers along with other things. This learning can be affected if your child has visual difficulties. 


Many schools offer basic vision testing, but it is important that your child also has a comprehensive eye exam every year. This will look at the health of your child’s eyes as well as their visual ability. Your eye doctor in Southlake will be able to determine if your child could benefit from wearing prescription lenses to optimize their eyesight and eye health. 

Signs That Your Child Could Have a Vision Problem

Since many kids can’t tell if they have a vision problem, it is often up to parents to recognize signs and symptoms that they need additional support with the eyesight or eye health. Some of the things to look for include:


  • Difficulty recognizing colors and shapes

  • Coordination difficulties

  • Reading problems, including skipping lines or words, losing their place easily, or becoming easily distracted

  • Not understanding what they are reading (reading comprehension)

  • Sitting very close to the tv or board in class

  • Complaining of headaches regularly

  • Acting out in class (usually to avoid visual tasks)

  • Squinting, tilting their head, or closing one eye when concentrating on visual tasks

  • Rubbing their eyes frequently 

  • Blinking excessively

  • Sensitivity to light


If you are concerned about your child’s vision, don’t delay scheduling an appointment with your eye doctor in Southlake at Eyes & Ears so that their vision and quality of life aren’t adversely affected. Contact Eyes & Ears at (817) 270-6400 to schedule an appointment today!,3,,,