Why You Should Make an Eye Exam a Back-to-School Tradition

Why You Should Make an Eye Exam a Back-to-School Tradition

As summer fades away, you may be getting ready for back to school season. For kids, it usually means they get new school supplies. For parents, it means getting back to a routine. One part of this routine should include scheduling an eye exam before school starts.

These checkups are important for your child. Healthy vision allows them to perform better at school. Also, it helps your eye doctor in Southlake, TX catch vision problems in their early stages. Here are some reasons why you should make an eye exam a back-to-school tradition.

It Affects Their School Performance

Poor vision may greatly affect the performance of your child in class. For example, if your child cannot see the board, or in a time when digital learning may be in use and potentially straining their eyes, it may affect their ability to learn. Children may not speak up and explain that they aren’t able to see certain things clearly, so it is even more important to be proactive with scheduling annual eye exams.

Your Child May Not Realize Until It Is Too Late

Many of the conditions that affect the eyes may not show any symptoms in their early phases. As a result, your child may not realize that they are suffering. This is why it is best to have your child’s eyes checked by your eye doctor in Southlake, TX.

The eye exam is very comprehensive. Your eye doctor will examine ocular structures and functions. This eye exam allows the specialist to identify any slight irregularities. It is then easier to address them at their early stages.

Electronic Gadgets May Affect Your Child’s Eyesight

Especially this year, it is likely there is the incorporation of computers into your child’s curriculum. This means your child is exposed to blue light coming from computers and smartphones. So, they are at risk of developing ocular changes. Depending on the amount of screen time, your eye doctor may need to prescribe blue light glasses for their enhanced visual health and future protection.

It Is Convenient

Scheduling an eye exam at the beginning of the school year is convenient and can help establish an annual routine.


If you would like to find out more about back-to-school pediatric eye exams, please call Eyes & Ears in Southlake, Texas, today at (817)-270-6400 to schedule an appointment.

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